Blurry lips [EN]

The first Blurry lips appeared while the artist was still a student at the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva (currently Head). Initially, it was a photographic work evoking the succession of images on a film strip where the shot was getting closer and blurrier.

It was in 2016 that the artist decided to rework this concept that had been put aside for many years. Her paintings then transcribe a sweet and intoxicating sensuality. Using tight framing gives the images an intimate aura, and the square format is reminiscent of Polaroids, as if they were stolen images.

For the artist, the mouth appears as the ambassador of our own sensuality. This opening, exposed to others, is at the heart of our communication. He is as much involved in our public life as in the heart of our private life. Through body language, our lips reveal our desires through subtle details. It is in our natural ability to perceive the latter that the magic of seduction works. The mouth is therefore an organ at the forefront of our sexuality, a window open onto a field of possibilities, allowing us to outline our consent or refusal but also to express it unequivocally by speaking. Carine Bovey’s paintings therefore fit into the beauty of these details. The idea of ​​capturing the emotion of an instant is also felt by the blur effect. Unlike instant photography, painting takes time. The act of painting therefore represents in itself a way of sublimating the moment.

With these creations, the artist also highlights sensuality and eroticism through the eyes of a woman, although it is substantially similar to that of a man. We especially feel it in the choice of colors. The blurring adds softness and modesty to the image. The pink lighting, which is found in most of the artist’s works, gives a fairly feminine aesthetic close to the filters used by bloggers.

Reclaiming female eroticism is very important for the artist, who considers that women should have the right to dispose of their bodies as they see fit. The staging of a part of the female body demands a strong and assumed femininity, but also a freedom of speech and action. The woman is no longer a subject, she is the master of the situation. She assumes her own sensuality and can freely express it. She’s the one leading the game and choosing the image she wants to send to others.

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